Joanie Rémillard


Since always challenged by art, painter Joanie Rémillard began painting at a young age. Originally from the Montérégie region, Joanie humbly represents the talent here. Her style is colorful, vibrant, rich and abstract. As a self-taught artist, Joanie’s unique vision communicates the inexhaustible source of energy that is color and movement, which fascinates and overwhelms. Joy, intrigue, euphoria and melancholy are certainly among the emotions provoked by her art. Thus, by applying different materials (plaster, acrylic paint, metallic pigments and epoxy resin) to large paintings in layers, Joanie creates textures that bring depth and class to her works that she proudly signs Joa. Underneath light and fluid approaches, energy is thus expressively revealed in several strokes and spurts of vivid colors giving way to various effects of light and movement, just like our inner forces. This is the abstract reality that painter Joanie Rémillard proposes.

Joanie Rémillard

Tailored painting

Are you interested in creating a custom canvas?

Thanks to the varied collections that artist Joanie has developed throughout her career as well as her great ability to work in a variety of formats and color palettes, Joa’s signature custom painting design service is perfectly suited to your needs.

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